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Golf And Pool

Championship Full-Service Golf Club

Brownson operates a full-service Golf & Pool Club that appeals to everyone in the family, from beginner to low handicap players; from wee waders to accomplished swimmers.   We offer every amenity imaginable: a scenic, 18-hole championship golf course, first-class Pro Shop, an Olympice sized swimming and diving pool complex (with kiddie pool), golf lessons from PGA professionals, swim lessons from certified instructors, special golf functions, junior golf and youth swim team.  

We boast an impressive, 18-hole golf course that traverses a beautiful landscape of gentle hills. Our small greens, elevated tees and rolling fairways reveal spectacular New England scenery. The course was recently redesigned by acclaimed golf architects Cornish Sliva & Mungeam. It's quite a challenge with Par at 70 and a slope rating of 134 from the blue tees.

We have an exciting schedule of golf functions for the entire family. Join us at our ABCD tournaments where new members get acquainted. There are many events such as Pick Your Partner and Parent Offspring golf tournaments. Other popular golf leagues are: the Friday night couples league and Tuesday Night 9-hole Men's League, plus the 9-hole and 18-hole ladies golf leagues. Members are invited to play in tournaments that are hosted by our club. Our pros are always happy to help you get a game on the weekends.

The Card, Layout & Pro's Tips



HOLE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 OUT  
BLUE 211 417 397 378 192 117 438 362 410 2922  
WHITE 175 411 387 370 180 110 423 353 379 2788  
HANDICAP 12 2 8 4 14 18 16 10 6    
PAR 3 4 4 4 3 3 5 4 4 34  
RED 140 404 360 313 170 103 385 332 276 2483  
HANDICAP 16 10 4 2 14 18 6 8 12    
PAR 3 5 4 4 3 3 5 4 4 35  


HOLE 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 OUT Total 
BLUE 301 327 323 503 308 165 482 157 296 2862 5784 
WHITE 284 308 316 487 265 158 456 151 291 2716 5504 
HANDICAP 7 9 3 1 13 15 5 11 17    
PAR 4 4 4 5 4 3 5 3 4 36 70
RED 247 263 275 390 252 151 451 144 286 2459 4942 
HANDICAP 9 7 3 5 17 13 1 11 15    
PAR 4 4 4 5 4 3 5 3 4 36 71

First Hole

Welcome to Brownson! Try this for a starting hole. Straight from the locker room to a 211 yard uphill tee shot from the blue markers without the benefit of a driving range to warm your swing up! Good luck!

Pro Tip

The member "bail out" shot is just over the right trap. Hitting this green is a real bonus as 75% of the tee shots miss it! Take an extra club as it really is uphill.

Second Hole

Rated as the toughest hole on the course. A long iron or a fairway wood is usually needed for this approach after a 220+ drive.

Pro Tip

Keep your drive to the right and take an extra club for your approach shot to help assure that you carry the front bunker by the green. You'll want to keep your ball below the hole as downhill putts can be slick on this green.

Third Hole

A fine 397 yard par four. Four bunkers protect this fairway and green so beware.

Pro Tip

Keep your drive to the left center of the fairway to avoid right fairway bunkers. You'll want to keep your approach shot short of this green as balls that hit the green tend to roll to the back.

Fourth Hole

A classic New England style par four. A visually striking hole from the tee box. Uphill green makes this hole play longer than the 378 yards listed from the blues on the scorecard.

Pro Tip

Avoid the pond to the right and don't go too far to the left or you will be blocked out by the large tree at the 150 yard marker. Take an extra club for your approach shot to this very elevated green.

Fifth Hole

Longish/medium length 192 yard par three with two side bunkers just waiting to grab any errant tee shots.

Pro Tip

Keep your tee shot short of the green and avoid the traps! You don't want to be above the hole on this green.

Sixth Hole

Third par three on the front. Very short 117 yard par three with a large green.

Pro Tip

This large green and tee box calls for three club choices. 8 or 9 iron to the back, 9 iron or pitching wedge to the middle, or pitching/gap/sand wedge to front. Hitting the green is only the first challenge. Shots left too far from the hole can lead to dreaded three putts here.

Seventh Hole

The only par five on the front nine. This 438 yard par five requires a 220+ tee shot to leave you 220+ into this uphill green. Tee shot needs to be kept to left center for best roll and lie.

Pro Tip

Get your tee shot around the corner and this is a birdie or eagle hole all the way! Take an extra club for this approach shot to the elevated green but be sure to hit it high so that it doesn't run off the back.

Eight Hole

Par four with multiple choices on how best to play. Two landing areas provide the choice. Long iron to top of hill leaves 150 yards in while a wood will get you to the bottom landing area at around 100 yards in.

Pro Tip

Best odds are to use less from the tee and approach from 150. Side hill lies are killers here and many wood shots from tee can find the creek inside 100.

Ninth Hole

A tough hole from the back tee. One less club on approach shot to help keep the ball from rolling over the green.

Pro Tip

Best bet is to hit your straightest low iron or wood from the tee here. Best approach shot will bounce up to this green rather than hit this green.

Tenth Hole

Short par four with approach shot over a pond to a green that is hidden from the tee.

Pro Tip

Target from the tee is toward the evergreens near the 11th tee. A long iron to 100 or so will provide for your best approach. Approach shot must stay below the hole here. Being long is death!

Eleventh Hole

Another classic (but short) New England par four. Wood from the tee will leave 130 yard approach to a well bunkered sloping green.

Pro Tip

Again…..you want to hit your tee shot straight and again….you don't want to be long. Greenside hills will feed your ball to the hole if you hit the green on the right side.

Twelfth Hole

A third classic New England par four. Long iron or wood will leave 120 yard approach.

Pro Tip

Long iron from tee should leave you your best approach opportunity. Take an extra club for the approach to this elevated green but all approach shots that hit this green roll to the back so just clearing front trap gives best results.

Thirteenth Hole

True par five. Wood or driver from tee will leave you a long iron or a wood layup. Approach must stay below the hole. Long is death to this slick downhill green.

Pro Tip

Three shot hole. Stay below the hole on your approach!

Fourteenth Hole

Short par four. Long iron from tee will leave 120 (or less) yard approach.

Pro Tip

Approach shot should bounce up to this green as balls hitting green roll to the back. Green is tougher to read than it appears for putts.

Fifteenth Hole

Middle length par three. Uphill elevated green protected by traps on each side.

Pro Tip

Take an extra club from the tee.

Sixteenth Hole

Short par five with beautiful views of Huntington area. Elevated green can cause approach issues.

Pro Tip

Wood from tee and layup to within 100 provides true birdie chance BUT driver from tee can provide eagle opportunities. Avoid front bunkers and don't go too long as recovery from these errors can be costly.

Seventeenth Hole

Uphill medium length par three. Trouble to the left, the right, and the bunker in front.

Pro Tip

You must hit this green. Left, right, and into the front bunker are hazardous to your score! Do not leave yourself above this hole!

Eighteenth Hole

Short par four. Stonewall, trees, fairway bunker on right and out of bounds on right protect this fairway.

Pro Tip

Long iron from tee is your best choice. Approach shot must keep ball below the hole here. Take one less club for approach.